Xtend Your Season With An Xbow

Xtend Your Season With An Xbow
By Robert Chester

Life is all about choices and the more the better right? It wasn’t very long ago when deer hunters had only three choices in equipment: gun, bow or muzzleloader. Thankfully times are changing and hunters have another widely accepted tool at their disposal—crossbows and they are quickly become the go to selection for serious deer hunters.

The reasoning is simple: Crossbows offer the best of all worlds. In many cases, they allow hunters to get into the woods early, as well as target the critical timing of the rut—just like a traditional bow. Crossbows also are much easy to become proficient with than a vertical bow, but still have very similar limitations in terms of range and power. This makes them ideal for hunters looking for a challenge or wanting to hunt suburban environments where a firearm is not allowed.

Finally, crossbows are similar in operation and fit to a firearm making transition and training easy for gun hunters. First-timers wanting to try the exciting sport of archery, can pick up a crossbow and quickly feel right at home quickly.

As a final vote for the horizontal way of life; aging bow hunters who have been in love with the flight of an arrow for decades can stay afield for many more years even with afflictions like shoulder injury, loss of the upper body strength and arthritis.

Longer season, easy to learn, ageless-use, while still being substantially challenging, it is easy to see why crossbows are quickly gaining momentum. So which crossbow to choose? A hunter requires the ideal mixture of speed, accuracy, and ergonomics mixed with safety and quiet operation.

Luckily crossbow technology has been increasing by leaps and bounds, making bows lighter, faster, quieter, more powerful, and easier to use than every before. Take two new offerings (MXB-400 and MXB-Dagger) from Mission as proof.

The MB-400 is Mission’s powerhouse, spitting arrows at speeds of 400 fps with its efficient 14-inch power stroke. Features like the RS Tread make bulky cocking stirrups obsolete and the PCC Anchor adds another level of safety by eliminating string hook jump. For those looking for a lighter, smaller powerhouse that is still more than capable, the MXB-Dagger is ideal. At only 6.3 pounds with a 10-inch power stroke, this mighty mite will surprise you with arrows leaving the rail at a blistering 340 fps. Both bows come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty…what more could you ask for? Out of the box, cutting edge performance that will last you the rest of your life and open up new hunting opportunities? Count me in!

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