Steve Williamson Piling Up Archery Records

By Bernie Barringer

Steve Williamson of Augusta, Georgia had no idea what a twist of fate would mean to him when he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Steve had been competing in target archery for three decades, mostly with a Mathews bow. In fact, he switched to a Mathews when they first came out in 1992. He was competitive and had some successes. He never really thought about competing in a crossbow class.

Cancer would change all that. Steve is a three-time cancer survivor who has battled his way back from what could have been the end of his archery career. After his lymph nodes, left neck muscles and jugular were removed, he could no longer shoot a vertical bow. Not ready to retire from the sport, he entered the crossbow class in ASA tournaments and immediately began to set records. He got second place in the first two tournaments and won every event he entered after that. He also entered the IBO and won an event in order to qualify for the world championships.

His list of accomplishments is mind-boggling and continues to grow by the tournament.
• He has won 12 straight ASA tournaments
• Won shooter of the year for 2013 by a record 176 points
• He holds the top four record scores including the 436 that may never be broken.
• He won the past two ASA World Championships.
• He owns the southeastern Sectional NFAA scoring record.
To what does he attribute all this success? His Mission crossbow and some techniques that he has been able to convert from the vertical bow to the horizontal bow. “I think my ability to judge yardage and concentrate on the perfect release has really helped me,” he says. “Plus the pressure doesn’t get to me as much. As a cancer survivor I am just happy to be here and I don’t stress out about it. I had to go through Chemo for three days a week for all of 2010.” Nothing can be as bad as that, he says, so he relaxes and enjoys the moment.

Of course quality equipment has a lot to do with it as well. Steve is shooting the Mission MXB 360 in the ASAs because of the 330 fps rule. He can adjust the speed without adjusting the weight of the bolt which he considers a huge advantage.
He has a lot of confidence in the crossbow. “With the Mission, I know it’s going to hit right where I put it. There is never any question where the bolt is going to hit. That confidence makes all the difference. I just take my time and know the bow will do its job.”
Steve will be competing in the IBO world championship next weekend. It will be interesting to see if he continues his amazing winning streak. You’d be a fool to bet against him.

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