To Crank, or Not To Crank

By Crossbow Nation’s Jeff Becka

To crank or not to crank? That is the question. And for some it may be a necessity when it comes to cocking your crossbow. It used to be that to cock your crossbow, the only option was to lean over it, grab the string with two hands, and then hopefully have the strength to horse the string back to its cocked position. But technology has come a long way since those early days of crossbow hunting. Now we have two general accepted methods of cocking a crossbow. Using a rope cocking aid or a crank style cocking aid like the RSD system offered by Mission Archery. There are benefits to each method. Read on to explore each option and which type of cocking aid will best suit you and your Mission crossbow.

The rope cocking aid is the most widely used method of cocking a crossbow and comes standard with all Mission crossbows. In simple terms, it acts as a pulley system which cuts the amount of force needed to draw your crossbow by 50%. They are lightweight and compact enough to easily fit inside a coat pocket. Another advantage to the rope cocking aid over simply grabbing your crossbow string by hand to cock it is that it helps cock your crossbow evenly and with more consistency. This consistency will be important in achieving ultimate accuracy. Sometimes, when a crossbow is cocked using the hand drawn method, it is easy to pull the crossbow string to one side or the other of the barrel during the drawing process. This can lead to inaccurate arrow groups. With a rope cocking aid, like the ones supplied with Mission crossbows, it will eliminate this possibility. The last advantage to using a rope cocking aid versus a crank style cocking aid is cost. There is no extra cost associated since the rope cocking aid comes standard with all Mission crossbows.

The only real disadvantage to using a rope cocking aid is that some hunters may have limited physical abilities which prevent them from using one. The most common reason for this is because they run out of arm strength just before the string reaches the trigger box. The eliminated foot stirrup on all Mission crossbows allow hunters to gain valuable inches of drawing power which makes cocking a Mission crossbow using a rope cocking aid much easier. So much so that many hunters who have a hard time currently cocking a crossbow with a foot stirrup have no problem when cocking a Mission crossbow without the stirrup.

If not having enough strength to cock your crossbow is a concern, or if you have a physical ailment or a disability, then a crank style cocking aid may be just what your looking for. Crank style cocking aids use reduction gears and a winch type system to reduce the amount of energy needed to cock a crossbow to just a few pounds. So hunters with limited strength or even youth hunters should have no problem cocking their crossbow with a crank style cocking aid. Just like a rope cocking aid, they cock your crossbow evenly a
nd consistently every time.

But not all crank style cocking aids are alike. Some can be a permanent addition to your crossbow stock. Others are removable but can be heavy and somewhat cumbersome. And almost all of them make a clicking noise when cocking your crossbow much like a boat winch. Recently introduced is the first-ever silent, removable cocking device that installs within seconds to any of the Mission MXB Crossbows. The revolutionary RSD (Removable Silent Draw) cocking aid is lightweight, compact, ambidextrous, and the best part, completely silent! Thanks to Mission, you can now cock your crossbow in the woods using the RSD crank cocking aid without alerting the animals around you. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s removable too. So it won’t add any extra weight to your crossbow on those long hikes to and from your hunting location.

So, the choice is yours! Either one will make the chore of cocking your crossbow much easier and much more enjoyable. Not to mention ensuring consistent shot to shot accuracy from your crossbow. And if you shoot a Mission crossbow like I do, they’ve got your cocking solution covered.

Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

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