My First Buck And My Trustworthy Mission 360

I have always loved archery but I have never taken the time and the effort to be really good at it. When I was a kid we had a few acres in the country with a nice, clean brook running through it. I hunted a little, but mostly I remember how much I enjoyed being outdoors. Now, at the age of 60 I am hunting again, but I am also a marksman at 30 and even 40 yards. I use the term marksman because my Mission 360 MXB has helped me to become very confident that I can hit any reasonable target, including squirrels!
Back in 2012 I got the archery-itch because I heard that crossbows were now legal to hunt with in Michigan. I did a little hunting as a kid and I enjoyed those days of being outdoors. I figured a crossbow would take less time to become an accurate shooter. So, after Googling and YouTubing, I decided to walk into the old archery store that I have driven by for decades. I asked if I could shoot the Mission 360 MXB and a couple of others. The power of these crossbows scared me at first, but the more I shot, the more confident I became. The winner for me was the Mission 360 as it just felt right and my spread was acceptable as a first time shooter.
I am the kind of person that if I go deer hunting, I need to know that I can make a clean, quick kill. Deer are awesome creatures to watch and they deserve my best effort at harvesting them. I learned that at 30 yards I could reduce my 4”-5” spread down to 2” by making sure my shoulder was nestled firmly into the butt of the bow. I found this out while trying to shoot loosely and learning there was too much variance in the elevation. I keep my front forearm medium firm and use smooth pressure on the trigger.
The Buck you see field dressed out at 204 pounds. I was in my popup blind and he came up without of hint of my being there. I had been using a fragrance free shampoo for my entire body twice a day. My clothes hung outside all summer. When I shot I was breathing calmly. He ran about 200 yards and collapsed dead. The immediate blood trail made it easy to track and he stumbled for 150 yards leaving clumps of dirt that were easy to see.
The picture you see posted is my first buck and he was the size of a small cow. In 2012 I shot my first deer which was a doe. It has taken some time, a lot of reading and stories from hunters who know what they are doing to take this first buck. However, without the Mission 360 MXB this story would not have been written.
Enjoy the 2014 Deer Season My Friends,

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  1. Profile photo of powhatan powhatan says:

    Congratulations, Jerry. Beautiful buck! Thank you for sharing your story. You should post it on ArcheryTalk.

    Happy hunting,

  2. Thank you Pow and yes I will be glad to share the story with Archery Talk.


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