Mission MXB 400 AMAZING

I have several crossbows, Centerpoint, Excalibur, and Tenpoint. Over the summer I was visiting my Good Friends at Straight Arrow Archery in Chadwicks NY, Fred is the greatest when it comes to Bows and Crossbows, I trust no other. He showed me the Mission line of Crossbows that he was now carrying, as he is a Matthews Dealer. I fell in love at first sight with the MXB 400. Now that crossbows are back on for hunting in New York State during the last 2 weeks of the regular Bow Season as well as the firearms season I could not wait to get the Mission out in the field. I have never experienced the speed or accuracy in my other Crossbows that the MXB was delivering during my practice shoots at the range. Today is November 5th and I hit the woods in the same spot I have been scouting and hunting with my regular bow for almost a month now, it was my third day out with my MXB. I had just settled in to my spot tight against a very nice guarded pine off the edge of a 16 acre hay field in Pompey NY. I had laid down a couple sprays of my favorite scent and waited. Being an afternoon hunt I had about 2 hours of daylight left, I had been watching several deer all week in that same field but just was unable to pick the right stand as they tend to enter from many different points. Not this time, luck was on my side about 45 minutes in, this nice sized 6 point tried sneaking his way by me to the rear of my spot. I shot from 20 yards hitting home directly above the chest just to the right of his throat. The bolt penetrated all the way through to the rear hip, passing through almost every organ. It was a clean, fast kill, he made a turn and only walked about 10 yards before giving in. I will be hunting my Mission MXB 400 exclusively now, It is far superior to my other high end Crossbows, not only with speed and power, but the design, compact size and low weight make it a pleasure to carry around the woods for hours on end. I love the adjustably and the ability to change out the strings and cables without a bow press. What a winner Mission has with the MXB line. I am a believer and it’s not like I have not given a good opportunity to the other brands! Thanks Mission and Mathews for putting together the best crossbow in the Biz!!!

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