Jakes 1st Bow Deer With Mission Ballistic

I bought my son a New Mission Ballistic when I got my new Mission Blaze this year. They are great shooting bows. On this particular evening we had hunted all day and seen a few but had no shots. We settled into a spot for the evening in the middle of a holler that comes up into a field. Jake was also using his Summit Viper climbing stand for first time. I was nervous as could be about it but he was right comfortable. Jake is 14 years old and no matter his age I cant help but still see him small. Anyway we had been on stand since 3:15pm. At 4:25 I told him to keep his eyes open and alert because movement would start happening. At 4:45 we spotted a doe about 60 yards down the holler travelling up the middle of holler. He stood to be ready and was very excited by the face he was making. It took approx. 35 minutes for it to make its way up. At times it looked like it would move on around the hill and he would become sad looking. He spotted another deer moving in behind it. He was patient. I kept expecting him to panic and shoot a bad shot but he didn’t. He used his rangefrinder religiously throughout the whole ordeal. The second deer moved on up the holler faster. At 25 yards I was wondering from my treestand 20 yards away why he hadn’t come to full draw or shot. Come to find out there was a sapling in the way. Finally the deer stepped up out of the holler and moved to 10 yards away. I had not seen it but he had come to full draw and released the arrow double lunging the button buck. He looked at me adrenalin pumped and excited and at same time we began to fist pump in the air in celebration as he harvested the nice button buck. I think I was more excited than him.. So Proud I was. He loves his Mission Ballistic and has all confidence in world in it. It done the job right!!! Thanks Mission for the great bows.. They are very quiet, smooth, accurate, and fast. Couldn’t be happier and I know this is the first of many more to come thanks to Mission. Go Ballistic!!!

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