The Bowfishing Craze

By Brodie Swisher

CrazeFishIt didn’t happen overnight, but it was nearly just as quick. The outdoor industry has witnessed the explosion of the sport of bowfishing into one of the quickest growing archery addictions across the country. Sure, people have been bowfishing for decades but in recent years bowfishing has experienced tremendous growth from a younger generation of archers. Largely because it’s the perfect mix of all the great things of life – archery, hunting, fishing, and summertime at the lake. Bowfishing is no doubt the latest craze!

craze (1)So it seems quite fitting that one of the top bows chosen by hardcore bowfishermen is a bow with that very name, the Craze, from Mission Archery. The Craze is quite possibly the most packable bow ever built. It’s easily tucked away in any boat or backseat, so it’s always ready when it’s time to hit the water. Despite its small frame, this bow is no lightweight. It truly shoots like a dream and is well suited for fast-paced action at darting fish. The bow is light and easy to handle. You won’t be cramped and sore after a long night on the water bowfishing. One of the craziest things about this slick bow is the adjustability it offers. The Craze’s advanced dual cam system allows you to go from 15 to 70 lbs of draw weight and 19 to 30 inches of draw length, all with the comfort of up to 80% let off. The adjustability and compact frame make it perfect for beginning bowfishermen, but the performance is sure to meet the standards of seasoned shooters alike. Give the Craze a look this season as you prepare to hit the water for monster fish with a bow.

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