First Turkey With Craze

Trey Henry was born into a hunting family and has been an avid turkey hunter.  He shot his first long beard at the age of five sitting in his Mother’s lap with his Dad calling for him.  After many successful seasons with a gun, he was anxious to take a turkey with a bow.  He had been target practicing with his Mission Craze and begged his parents to let him take a turkey with it.

It was Saturday morning of Ohio youth season and Trey got up well before daylight to get into a ground blind with his Mom and Dad.  Mom was filming the hunt and Dad was doing the calling.  He was set up on the border of a woodlot and corn field hoping the birds would come into the field where he could get a clear shot.  Dad gave a few soft calls and got a few birds gobbling on the roost.  After a fly down cackle and some persuading, one bird broke off from the others.  He popped out of the brush and into the picked corn field then strutted over to the decoys.  He went out of strut and approached the Jake decoy.  While the Tom was fixated on the decoy, Trey drew and settled his pin.  He put a well placed arrow into the turkey’s chest at 18 yards.  Trey raced out of the blind and the celebration began!  It was Trey’s tenth long beard but his first with a bow.  It was his most memorable turkey hunt.  He had accomplished something that neither of his parents had by taking a mature 24 pound Tom with a bow.  He is anxious for the upcoming Spring turkey season and will be taking his trusty Mission Craze.

Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

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