2015 WI Spring Turkey C Season

Set up the decoys 10 yards from the blind on the only day I could hunt during my season. The Mission Venture didn’t fail me. This is the 2nd turkey I’ve let an arrow fly at and my 2nd successful hunt in the last 3 years (No time off to hunt last year). The size, balance, quietness of this bow has made it easily the best bow I’ve owned in 20 years of bowhunting deer and 3 years bowhunting for turkey.

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2 thoughts on “2015 WI Spring Turkey C Season

  1. Profile photo of kurt241 kurt241 says:

    What type of broadhead do you use for turkey

  2. Profile photo of farrellkt farrellkt says:

    Hey Kurt,

    This was my first attempt at using an expandable broadhead. This turkey was harvested using the NAP Killzone Cut on Contact broadhead. It opened up just like it was supposed to do and dropped the bird in its tracks. Here is the GoPro video:


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