Finally Made the Wall

Saturday was a beautiful morning for northern Indiana. For those of us who have been able to hunt much, there was a feeling in the air that all the conditions were perfect for an early October hunt. The farmers were cutting, the temperature had dropped, and it was a crisp morning with a slight frost. This morning, I was hunting with my dad. We got into our stands a little late. We were about 150 yards from each other. After sitting for about 30 minutes, I saw this guy walking across our 1/2 acre food plot to my dad at about 80 yards away from me. Immediately, I knew it was one of the hit list bucks we had on camera. I paged my dad and waited to hear him page me back “Big boy down!” Where my dad was sitting, he didn’t have a clear shot at the food plot, but could get glimpses of him. After a few minutes, I saw movement coming from the direction the deer went. He had turned 180 degrees and started heading back the way he came in. I watched for another 5 minutes as he carelessly walked around in the food plot. At this point, I still thought he was going to go in by my dad or he was going to head out the same way he came in. I didn’t think I had a chance. Then, he decided to head down the two track right at me. He came in to about 80 yards and just stood there for 10 minutes, only moving his head and looking around. Other deer funneled into the food plot, and then I noticed he had two other small bucks with him. One came up the two track a little further and busted me. I thought for sure this boy was going to bust me as well. But to my surprise, he moved down the two track another 20 yards closer to me. I quickly got my range finder to see where my windows were on the two track and to see where I needed to set my sight. The first window was exactly 40 yards. What did he do? He walked right into that window and stopped perfectly broad side. I told myself I was not going to take a long shot at a big boy but knew I could make a good shot at 40 yards. In the off season, I had read a lot of articles to practice at long distances. I was practicing out to 60 yards. Will keep doing that! But, he stood there for over ten minutes. Although still excited, my nerves had calmed down a bit. I grabbed my range finder again. He was at exactly 40 yards. So, I drew back, rested the sight, and let it fly. This was the first time I had used a light up nock. It traveled, disappeared close to the deer, and then reappeared as the deer tore out of there. I sat down right away. The tree and stand were shaking like crazy because I was shaking like crazy… I listened and thought I heard him crash but knew not to get too excited with all the other deer taking off on a run. After 30 minutes and my shaking controllable, I climbed down the tree stand and walked over to my arrow. Blood from tip to tip with a complete pass thru. The arrow still had enough energy after passing thru the deer to stick in the ground. He only went about 150 yards. It ended up being a double lung shot. My dad has several nice deer on the wall at his house. He may have to make a little room for me now. I thank my dad for all he has done. He is a great man that loves to share with us kids. As for my Mission, the Ballistic is my choice.

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