First Season, First Bow, First Buck

I’m new to hunting, but my uncle’s always did. My father was a fresh water fisherman. Honestly, never appealed to me to stand in woods freezing, hoping something walks by………
WOW, how wrong I was. My journey began with a few casual conversations with buddies. Then one day my son showed some interest in archery. So I got him a bow for Christmas two years ago. We started Christmas day. We lost arrows in the woods within an hour. I got some more arrows and curtsy of a local pawn shop I picked me up a 13 year old bow. My wife is still kicking herself for letting me run with it. A few dollars later, I had every possible upgrade I wanted. Then along the way my string broke, I replaced it and kept pulling. I was getting purty good, 4″-6″ groupings from 20-30yds.
Then my wife gets me a Mission (early Christmas present, around thanksgiving) brought in whole family, to witness my reaction…….Absolutely Floored!!! My amazing wife got me the Mission Ballistic I had wanted and picked up every time I went into Chesapeake Outdoors.
I immediately took it over and had them set me up with all my accessories, I immediately began to improve. I’m now very comfortable with 2″-3″ groups at 50-60 yards. Oh Yea, now I can Hunt!
My son and I took hunter safety course and got a license. My first harvest was a 120 lb doe.
My buddies told me, don’t always shoot 1st buck you see. His big brother or Dad isn’t far behind him, just wait.
Sure enough, they were right. Crisp afternoon in December, about 20 minutes before sunset (I had been in my stand 2 hours). A very energetic 6 point buck runs out and is prancing around my stand. Taunting me relentlessly. I waited, and waited and waited. Almost sunset, I should take him. As i’m reaching for my bow to draw, I see a Real BUCK. at this point, i’m freaking out, heart beating out of my chest.
Deep breath, nice smooth draw…………Whap!….I just tagged a Buck. WooHoo!!!!
Mission, I cant thank you enough for creating an amazing bow, that a working man can afford. I look forward to years of use and a honest harvest.
God Bless,

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