Pullano, Nick

I started bowhunting when i was 12 in michigan, back then that was the youngest that you could be, i had a HEUGE, OLD fred bear whitetail hunter bow. It is a piece of work. well i never got a shot that year, i could hardly pull it back then let alone on a deer. so that summer i worked and worked and bought a martin youth bow, the following year i shot a doe, the bow was so slow and loud that it scared the deer and before my arrow hit it it started jumped and my arrow was way back, i never recovered that deer. However last year i was still using that bow, i had a big doe 10 yds and i nailed her, that was my first deer, for my birthday my parents gave me 300 dollars to spend on a new bow that would actually fit me, i had another 300 dollars saved up myself. So i went to my local archery shop, Starlight Archery, and bought the Mission X3, its a 60 pound bow with a 27.5 inch draw back. I LOVE it, i shoot almost every day with it, i got it back in April, now its October and i am waiting to put my sights on my first buck. I have no doubt in my mind that it will do the job, It is quiet, light weight, and extremely fast! Thanks Mission for making a bow to fit me and thanks Mathews for being partners with Mission sharing your amazing technology! My first deer was one year ago today!

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