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My Set-up: Mission X4, Rocket Steel heads 100grain, 61lbs draw, 29.5 Draw length, Tru Glow 3 pin sight (Walmart special).

I harvested this deer on the last day of the regular 07 season. I was in a ground blind that was set up between two big rolled bails of hay over looking a small grassy field. I was facing to the northwest. The buck approached from the north and seemed to be just passing through the field heading to thicker cover. Snow still covered about 60% of the ground but the green sprouts caught his eye. He stopped right in the middle of my kill zone and started to grave at the green grass. He was 25 yards from me. As I was pulling my bow back the buck looked in the direction of the ground blind, I froze. After about 6-8 seconds he continued to feed. I pulled my X4 to full draw and raised it towards the deer. I held my 20-yard pin about an inch high right at the lungs and squeezed my release. The arrow hit the deer and continued out the other side. The 13 pointer ran about 75 yards, stopped and looked back towards me. By this time I had my head sticking out of the ground blind so I could see where he was heading. Just as the deer and I made eye contact, he fell dead.

I really want to thank Mission for making such great bows. I’ve been told several times during trips to the range how quiet and smooth my X4 shoots. I have since upgraded to a Sword Twilight Hunter Camo 5 pin site and Beman 340 ICS Hunter Elite arrows and could not be happier. I can’t believe how tight my 60-yard groups are now. One request, please bring the X4 back!

Ranger D

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