Hill, Mike

On October 5th, 2007 I was lucky enough to take take my first animal with a bow. 2007 also happened to be my first year bow hunting. I had placed my little brother in my stand because I had seen several deer there in September. On this morning it was very foggy. As the sun came up I noticed a bunch of black objects in the trees about 60 yards away. Around 8 AM a flock of hens flew off the roost, and right in front of my Dad's tree stand where I happened to be sitting. I held stick still as they fed around the base of the tree stand. When they began to move away I let the last bird get to about 18 yards and the Mission X3 connected with that "wack" sound. She wobbled about three yards and dropped. Later in the year I was able to take two does from the same stand.

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