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  • Jakes 1st Bow Deer. Thanks Mission Ballistic

    I bought my son a New Mission Ballistic when I got my new Mission Blaze this year. They are great shooting bows. On this particular evening we had hunted all day and seen a few but had no shots. We settled into a […]

  • First Buck with My Mission Venture

    This is the first buck that I’ve shot with my Mission Venture. He gave me a perfect 12 yard shot and didn’t stand a chance. I’m really grateful at how accurate and smooth my bow is. It definitely gives me the […]

  • Great Story!, sure it was very special to have your son alongside. I have a MXB 400 as well, my buck is the 3rd picture below yours. I could not agree with you more about this crossbow. It’s power and accuracy is […]

  • First ever crossbow deer

    It was a pretty active morning…it picked up as time went by. I saw several different doe groups but nothing presented a shot. At about 10 15 I saw a doe coming through that was no doubt being chased. I saw a […]

  • jcarter1971 posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    This is by far my best hunting season ever and the MISSION BALLISTIC was a huge part of the process. My first year hunting archery and I have bagged a doe, cull buck, real nice fall turkey and this guy! Really appreciate MISSION catering to us folk that do not want to drop a grand on a quality bow at least not yet now that I’m hooked who…[Read more]

  • Monster with my blaze

    Blaze got this big boy at 27 yards with a double lung. I  also harvested a doe 30 minutes prior to the ol boy. The buck green scored 145 P&Y. The bow is fast and smooth.  I don’t even use a stabilizer because […]

  • MXB-400 power

    Had my bow a week, shot some good targets. First crossbow I had, being an accomplished archer, looking for another challenge. I had no idea that this 400 was so accurate and fast! First shot at deer, 40 yards and […]

  • First deer

    I shot my first deer. The craze is a nice entry level bow for people just getting into the sport. Thanks Mission. Looking forward to many more and watching the two up and coming archers in the picture get their […]

  • big turkey in ok of 2013

    My best turkey with my Mission Craze! This turkey ran and gobbled for thirty minutes then came down the dam. He strutted as soon as he saw the decoy. He walked right passed me and I drilled him. Thank you Mission […]

  • Mission MXB 400 AMAZING

    I have several crossbows, Centerpoint, Excalibur, and Tenpoint. Over the summer I was visiting my Good Friends at Straight Arrow Archery in Chadwicks NY, Fred is the greatest when it comes to Bows and Crossbows, I […]

  • Big Bucks Cruising In Kansas

    Jaxon shot this nice Kansas 11 point with his Craze on Saturday evening (11-1-14). The buck came to a creek crossing that leads to a cut corn field.  He shot him from a ground blind made from cedar trees at 8yds. […]

  • Iowa Buck with a bow!

    Just bought my Mission Blaze two weeks ago and I would say it performed well!

  • Pleasant Surprise

    One beautiful fall afternoon I was checking stands 7 miles north of Nebraska City, Nebraska on the Missouri River. 200 acres of fine whitetail country. Approximately 40 acres of this property is prime bedding […]

  • First hunt 2014-15 season

    First hunt of the season 10/11/14 and with my MXB-320 xbow. I was able to harvest a doe at 25 yards from a ground blind around 4:30pm. Mathews 100gr Grim Reaper Razor broadhead. This was all I saw all day in the […]

  • crossbow4me posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    First hunt of the season 10/11/14 and with my MXB-320 xbow. I was able to harvest a Doe at 25 yards from a ground blind around 4:30pm. Mathews 100gr Grim Reaper Razor boradhead. This was all I saw all day in the woods but I was glad to have meat for the freezer. Great confidence building for when that Buck shows up later. Interestingly, my trail…[Read more]

  • sholt wrote a new post, Best Bow 1 month ago

    best bow

    I got him at 10 am in the morning with my Ballistic.  He was at 32 yards when i shot him with an Easton aftermath and a 100 grain nap hell razor. I  will always shoot Mission bows. You can’t beat the price and […]

  • powhatan posted an update 1 month ago

    Q: DOES ANYONE HAVE, OR KNOW THE MISSION PART# FOR, AN EXTRA CROSSBOW SpiderClaw QUIVER PART (looks like a “C”)? Yesterday, I ruined mine in my workshop in my effort to slightly open the bend in order to make the quiver easier to detach when in my treestand. I then attempted to use the SpiderClaw from my spare Mathews T-series quiver;…[Read more]

  • jbthomas06 posted an update 1 month ago

    I’ve owned Matthews bows for years. Bought my first crossbow 2 days ago, I decided on the Mission because of the affiliation with Matthews. Went out this morning and smoked a nice big doe for the freezer. Never would have gotten a shot off with my compound, but at 300+ ft per second………She never saw it coming!!!

  • jlfitz1 posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    I bought a new MXB 320. I am having trouble finding a broadhead that will fly with reliable results. I have been using Rage but I don’t trust mechanicals. What are you all using?

    • One of the best flying fixed-blade BHs out of most any crossbow is the Slick Trick standard (100gr or 125gr). A+

  • Awesome article. it was a good read! congrats. God Bless and good luck next year

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