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Crossbow Hunting: Increased Opportunities for Younger Archers Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

By Brodie Swisher Love them or hate them, crossbows are here to stay. They have finally carved out a stable spot in the archery world, and growth in the crossbow market continues to explode. I’ll be quick to point out that I’ve never been a “crossbow guy.” I grew up in Tennessee where crossbow hunting …

Hunter For Life Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

By Steve Flores What do you do when you’ve been bowhunting for over 70 years and you’re suddenly faced with the thought that perhaps you can no longer participate in the sport you love? What happens when physical limitations threaten your ability to go afield and pursue whitetails; arguably the most popular big-game animal on the …

2013 Summer Shootout Winner Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

Congratulations to our 2013 Summer Shootout Winner, Steve Guidry, from Crowley, Louisiana! Steve received his winning promo code from Lafayette Shooters in Lafayette, Louisiana. He will be hunting whitetail with Dave Watson on Mathews TV! Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned to the Mission website and Facebook page for future sweepstakes.     …

Bailey’s First Deer Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

On Saturday, September 21st, The conditions were perfect and I headed out by myself to my stand that I have on the edge of a corn field with beans behind me. I wasn’t seeing any deer but I had a squirrel that kept carrying cobs of corn back and forth under my stand. It was …

MAKE THAT A 3-PEAT! Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

2013 Ballistic makes Mission three-time “Great Buy” award champion Every year Outdoor Life conducts their annual bow test to determine the best among bow manufacturers’ annual offerings. It is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded bow tests in the industry, with manufacturer’s competing for one of two highly sought after titles: “Editor’s Choice” and …

Why should I register my crossbow? Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

Your Mission® bow is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship to the original registered owner when purchased at an authorized retailer, for the life of the original owner. This includes all bow parts except the string, buss cables, cable slide, rubber string suppressors, monkey tails, string grub and cosmetic appearance ( chips, dings, scratches) …

How do I register my crossbow ? Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

The retailer you purchased your crossbow from may have registered your bow for you. However, you can register your crossbow by creating a Mission Community account. Click here to create your account or log in to register your bow.

Where is the serial number on my crossbow? Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

Crossbow serial numbers are located on the inside of the rail. Turn the crossbow over and locate the serial number on the inside of the rail, towards the stock, behind the trigger assembly. (See image below)

Can I store my crossbow cocked for an extended period of time? Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

It is acceptable to have your Mission crossbow cocked while in  hunting situations.  However Mission recommend you discharge the bolt into a discharge target to reduce the stress on the limbs after the hunt.  We do not recommend storing or transporting your bow in the cocked position.

Can I cock my crossbow with my hands? Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

All Mission crossbows are supplied with cocking ropes to avoid injury to hands and to ensure the crossbow is cocked properly.  We always recommend using the cocking aid when cocking your crossbow.