Mission Accomplished Field Reports

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Double Drop tine Down

Double Drop Tine Down Submitted by: Aaron Volk  Profile Photo

My first buck with a bow, took him down Sunday night with my Mission Venture! Thank You Mission for making a great bow!

First Bow, First Season, First Deer

First Bow, First Season, First Deer Submitted by: bheifner  Profile Photo

I was hoping for something a bit more impressive for my first harvest, but after many hours of waiting I finally got the perfect opportunity to take a shot at this antler less buck. I’ve still got my buck tag and will be out looking for a big buck.

Old brusier

Old brusier Submitted by: theriverhawk  Profile Photo

Arrowed this old bruiser with my Mission Ballistic on a north Alabama mountainside. Live weight 200+ pounds, field dressed 170+ pounds. The Ballistic was stealth and smooth on the draw. The numerous does and little bucks never had a clue I was there. Love my Ballistic!

Friday the 13th buck

Friday the 13th buck Submitted by: Bob Andrews  Profile Photo

1st kill with my new Mission 400. This bow is one bad weapon. I hit the deer in the neck on left side and arrow came out in front of back right leg. Tore tendons in my arm so had to go to a crosdbow. I think I made the right choice. Thanks Mission I looked at several brands but your design and lifetime warranty sold me. Now I need to fill my Nebraska tag on the other side of the Missouri river.

My First Monster

My First Monster Submitted by: Joanna Boyles  Profile Photo

I never expected a monster like this to walk underneath me. I have never seen a buck like this in my hunting spot, and this guy just walks right up. This is my third deer ever (1st was a doe and second was a button), first one with my new Mission Flare that I got this summer after I upgraded from my Mission Craze. So thankful for a good, clean shot. He dropped about 70 yards right in front of me. I’m on cloud 9 and feeling so blessed right now!!

First Deer Happens to be a Pope and Young

First Deer Happens to be a Pope and Young Submitted by: FullyAnimated13  Profile Photo

After 3 years of hunting, and many hours spent in a tree, I managed to get my first deer. Not only was it my first deer, but it is a 10 point Pope and Young with a green score of 150.5. I took him with my Mission Ballistic after standing for an hour waiting and calling him into range.

2015 WV Buck

2015 WV Buck Submitted by: zwoods243  Profile Photo

Shot this buck while he was chasing does at 15 yards .

My 12yr old son's first deer with his Mission Craze.

My 12 yr Old Son’s First Deer With His Mission Craze. Submitted by: limburgd  Profile Photo

My son harvested his first deer with his bow. We just moved out to Colorado and this nice Muley has been hanging around our property all summer. My son was in the right place at the right time and landed a perfect shot dropping this Muley right in its tracks. We scored him out at 150.

201 7/8 Texas Whitetail

201 7/8 Texas Whitetail Submitted by: T.W.  Profile Photo

30 Yard Shot Opening Morning of Texas 2015-2016 Season. Taken at the Recordbuck Ranch in Utopia, TX.

Finally Made the Wall

Finally Made the Wall Submitted by: CJ Brinks  Profile Photo

Saturday was a beautiful morning for northern Indiana. For those of us who have been able to hunt much, there was a feeling in the air that all the conditions were perfect for an early October hunt. The farmers were cutting, the temperature had dropped, and it was a crisp morning with a slight frost. This morning, I was hunting with my dad. We got into our stands a little late. We were about 150 yards from each other. After sitting for about 30 minutes, I saw this guy walking across our 1/2 acre food plot to my dad at …