Mission Accomplished Field Reports

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"beer can buck"

“Beer Can Buck” Submitted by: kevinclouse  Profile Photo

I named this deer “the beer can buck” 3 years ago. When I first saw him, I thought his bases were as thick as a beer can. My hunting partner Tom Vandehey also saw him two days later and agreed, hes a monster! No other sightings of him during our first year hunting with Tombstone Creek Outfitters. The second year, no encounters with the beer can buck, and just a couple trail cam pics at night. Our third year, this year, hunting was extremely slow. Just like last year, only a couple pics of him at night. With hunting being this slow I got …

First tme archer scores

First time archer scores Submitted by: rance56  Profile Photo

I have always been a rifle hunter, but I wanted to hunt the rut in the Midwest and in most states that falls during archery season. So I decided to go to Kansas where they allow crossbows. I bought a MXB 360 on a recommendation from a friend. The dealer got everything set up for me, after a few weeks of practicing I was ready for the hunt. Scored on this whitetail on my first archery hunt. Anybody can make it happen with a Mission crossbow.


Split-tine Submitted by: brian62  Profile Photo

I was hunting the week of Thanksgiving and I had my first opportunity at a big buck with my Mission Maniac. This deer came right into my feeder but was really spooked because of some pigs that were in the area. I had a quartering away shot at thirty yards and I took it. There was no blood on the arrow, but there was a pretty good blood trail. The trail stopped after fifty yards with no deer at the end. I thought he was gone for good. Three days later I was hunting with my nine year old cousin who had never seen anyone shoot …

Elk Craze

Elk Craze Submitted by: rkjeff76  Profile Photo

I purchased a Mission Craze a few years ago for son, primarily due to its adjustability and affordable quality. After he lost interest in archery, I thought it would be fun to set it up and gave it a try for myself. I was quickly amazed at how well this compact “youth” bow performed. I started bowhunting with it the following season and liked it so much that I sold my primary hunting bow to a friend. The compact size and manuverability of the Craze has been ideal for treestand and ground blind situations. After harvesting a few whitetails with …

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Submitted by: jackgregston  Profile Photo

First bobcat with his bow! He was pretty excited to say the least.

Yep practice makes perfect

Submitted by: crash2011  Profile Photo

Yep practice makes perfect!

First Archery Buck

First Archery Buck Submitted by: allieaskins  Profile Photo

I have been hunting with my Mission Craze for three seasons now. I finally harvested my first archery buck taken on October 16, 2014. So thankful for such an amazing experience! I am looking forward to many more successful hunts! LOVE my Craze bow!

Jakes 1st Bow Deer. Thanks Mission Ballistic

Jakes 1st Bow Deer With Mission Ballistic Submitted by: bearbuck  Profile Photo

I bought my son a New Mission Ballistic when I got my new Mission Blaze this year. They are great shooting bows. On this particular evening we had hunted all day and seen a few but had no shots. We settled into a spot for the evening in the middle of a holler that comes up into a field. Jake was also using his Summit Viper climbing stand for first time. I was nervous as could be about it but he was right comfortable. Jake is 14 years old and no matter his age I cant help but still see …

First Buck with My Mission Venture

First Buck With My Mission Venture Submitted by: venturous  Profile Photo

This is the first buck that I’ve shot with my Mission Venture. He gave me a perfect 12 yard shot and didn’t stand a chance. I’m really grateful at how accurate and smooth my bow is. It definitely gives me the confidence I need when the right opportunity strikes!

First ever crossbow deer

First Ever Crossbow Deer Submitted by: redlightsniper  Profile Photo

It was a pretty active morning…it picked up as time went by. I saw several different doe groups but nothing presented a shot. At about 10 15 I saw a doe coming through that was no doubt being chased. I saw a large bodied deer chasing her, bristled up, thick neck. They came in to about 20 yards and I heard the big deer grunting. As he stepped into the clearing I noticed he did not have one single antler on his head. I am not sure if he broke them off, or if they didn’t grow. He was no …