Mission Accomplished Field Reports

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big turkey in ok of 2013

Big Turkey in OK in 2013 Submitted by: jaxman09  Profile Photo

My best turkey with my Mission Craze! This turkey ran and gobbled for thirty minutes then came down the dam. He strutted as soon as he saw the decoy. He walked right passed me and I drilled him. Thank you Mission for making a bow that will stay with me for a long time!

First Deer With My New Blaze Submitted by: mweber12  Profile Photo

Finally had my first opportunity to take a deer with my brand new Mission Blaze I picked up this summer. I couldn’t be happier with it. I love the weight, the accuracy ,the design, and everything about it. The first bow I ever bought was a Mission X3 and I will stick with them for as long as I can deer hunt.

Mission MXB 400 AMAZING

Mission MXB 400 AMAZING Submitted by: scout13  Profile Photo

I have several crossbows, Centerpoint, Excalibur, and Tenpoint. Over the summer I was visiting my Good Friends at Straight Arrow Archery in Chadwicks NY, Fred is the greatest when it comes to Bows and Crossbows, I trust no other. He showed me the Mission line of Crossbows that he was now carrying, as he is a Matthews Dealer. I fell in love at first sight with the MXB 400. Now that crossbows are back on for hunting in New York State during the last 2 weeks of the regular Bow Season as well as the firearms season I could not …

Big Bucks Cruising In Kansas

Big Bucks Cruising In Kansas Submitted by: jackgregston  Profile Photo

Jaxon shot this nice Kansas 11 point with his Craze on Saturday evening (11-1-14). The buck came to a creek crossing that leads to a cut corn field.  He shot him from a ground blind made from cedar trees at 8yds. He crossed the creek and ran about 200yds before tipping over in the corn field. This is now 5 bucks taken with his Craze in the last 3 seasons. Thank you Mission for making a great bow that has grown with him over these last 4 seasons from age 9-12!

Iowa Buck with a bow!

Iowa Buck with a bow! Submitted by: marshall2014  Profile Photo

Just bought my Mission Blaze two weeks ago and I would say it performed well!

Pleasant Surprise

Pleasant Surprise Submitted by: donns  Profile Photo

One beautiful fall afternoon I was checking stands 7 miles north of Nebraska City, Nebraska on the Missouri River. 200 acres of fine whitetail country. Approximately 40 acres of this property is prime bedding area. The view on this land is incredible and every time I have a chance to hunt and take it all in I thank God for the opportunity. All the stands checked out and so with a couple hours of hunting time I decided to crawl in a stand to finish out the day. Our stands are located along the south edge of the bedding area …

First hunt 2014-15 season

First hunt 2014-15 season Submitted by: crossbow4me  Profile Photo

First hunt of the season 10/11/14 and with my MXB-320 xbow. I was able to harvest a doe at 25 yards from a ground blind around 4:30pm. Mathews 100gr Grim Reaper Razor broadhead. This was all I saw all day in the woods but I was glad to have meat for the freezer. Great confidence building for when that buck shows up later. Interestingly, my trail cam got pics of this going down as the doe walked right in front of it just as I stopped her and shot.

best bow

Best Bow Submitted by: sholt  Profile Photo

I got him at 10 am in the morning with my Ballistic.  He was at 32 yards when i shot him with an Easton aftermath and a 100 grain nap hell razor. I  will always shoot Mission bows. You can’t beat the price and they are one hell of a bow.

First Archery Buck

First Archery Buck Submitted by: smasherhunter127  Profile Photo

I shot this buck in my blind in NEPA with my mission Endeavor. It is my first archery buck. I couldn’t be more pleased! 2014 Mission Complete!

My First Buck And My Trustworthy Mission 360

My First Buck And My Trustworthy Mission 360 Submitted by: jerryangeletti  Profile Photo

I have always loved archery but I have never taken the time and the effort to be really good at it. When I was a kid we had a few acres in the country with a nice, clean brook running through it. I hunted a little, but mostly I remember how much I enjoyed being outdoors. Now, at the age of 60 I am hunting again, but I am also a marksman at 30 and even 40 yards. I use the term marksman because my Mission 360 MXB has helped me to become very confident that I can hit any …