Mission Accomplished Field Reports

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First Deer Taken. Submitted by: tarendt55  Avatar Image

First deer taken on first my first shot at a deer ever. It was about 7:30 am and I heard a crack behind me. I looked over my left shoulder out of my stand and there he stood as if he just appeared out of thin air. He then walked about another 10 yards and gave me a broadside shot. I smoked him with my Mission Ballistic, he went about 250 yards and went down. Definitely an awesome first experience.

First Compound Bow Buck

First Compound Bow Buck Submitted by: bucky  Avatar Image

This was my first year using a compound bow in hunting season. In the past I have used a crossbow, but this year I was eager to get out with a challenge. It was about a month into the Pennsylvania hunting season. I have had multiple opportunities but they just never worked out until that cool November morning. A nice looking 3 point trotted under my stand around 7:50. I drew back my Mission Riot and waited for the right shot. He stopped 8 yards under my stand. I shot and he ran off. After about waiting 15 minutes, we …

First Deer Down With Mission Blaze!!! Submitted by: bearbuck  Avatar Image

I hunted Saturday opening day with my son. We saw nothing but had a great time together. We ended up getting each other tickled and fighting back laughter. These are priceless memories that we recount through the year after season is over. Tuesday my son had football practice in the evening so I went alone. I work midnight shifts so it was evening Tuesday before I got on stand around 5pm. I sat still and quiet and as the evening wore on and it being 73 degrees I was thinking slim chances to see one. Around 7:10 I kept thinking …


A Day to Remember Submitted by: Mission Archery  Avatar Image

It was Saturday, opening day of bow season; my dad was about to go bear hunting when he thought, “why not take my daughter bow hunting instead.” We put on all of our hunting clothes and took a couple of practice shots before we headed out. When we arrived we made sure we were ready and we quietly got into the stand. It had not even been 2 minutes and we had a doe and a fawn come in. I got my release ready and waited for the perfect shot. I knew I was ready because I have been shooting …

First Elk Ever Submitted by: haileyarcher  Avatar Image

I am a 66 year old archer and have been shooting bows less than a year. Shot my first elk ever with Mission Blaze bow set at 61 pounds on Sep 17 at 8am near Hailey Idaho where I live. It was a 500 pound cow. First arrow was a double lung shot at 45 yards. She stumbled towards me and I put a second arrow through her heart at 35 yards and that arrow was a complete pass through, and she died almost instantly. Shot my first archery deer about 12 days earlier and it was a heart shot …

Bowfishing Craze

Bowfishing Craze Submitted by: viciousfishes  Avatar Image

I shot this bighead in a small stream in central Illinois. She was about 20 yards out, and just below the surface. I was surprised with the size… 39 inches and 24 lbs! The Craze is the perfect bow for bowfishing. It’s light, compact and has no problem firing the 1,400 grain fishing arrows.

My Second Deer

My Second Deer Submitted by: dtomlinson  Avatar Image

It was about 7:30 and I see a deer run across a shooting lane and it looked to be a spike horn so I thought that if I could get him up here I would probably take him. Then I did some calling just so he knew that we were there. Then we waited. My dad was looking towards a field and saw something that looked like a deer or antlers. He took a second look and said “oh its just a squirrel”. About 5 minutes later he sees a pair of antlers and told me to get my bow. …

South African Blue Wildebeast

South African Blue Wildebeast Submitted by: Stephen Haber  Avatar Image

We were hunting north of Thabazimbi, South Africa. This beauty came into the zone at 10 minutes before dark. I shot him with my UX2 set at 63 lbs, with a Easton Axis 300 gr arrow and NAP 125 gr Thunderhead broad head. It was only a 10 meter shot, and the arrow was a complete pass through both lungs. He stumbled away and I knew he was hit good. He went on for about 80 meters and then just fell down. This is the third African animal I have taken with my UX2. Every time I think about upgrading, …

Ram Hunt

Ram Hunt Submitted by: medhead  Avatar Image

Put a beauty ram down at the Mountain Meadows hunting preserve in Monroe County West Virginia! If you’re looking for a great hunt with a great guide… then head down to Mountain Meadows!

Justin with the Mission MXB 320

Justin with the Mission MXB 320 Submitted by: gomountains01  Avatar Image

My cousin drove down from New Jersey with his family and we had the pleasure of spending the week with them during their spring break. We went fishing, played ball, and just hung out. Then they saw our Mission MXB 320 and that was it. We spent one morning shooting in the back yard, we popped balloons, and shot some more. Just when I thought they had their fill, they asked if we could shoot some more. So we headed off to our local 3D archery range and spent the entire day shooting at 3D targets at distances from 20 …