Mission Accomplished Field Reports

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Happy Hunting Days

Happy Hunting Days Submitted by: msamue  Avatar Image

Wishing all our fellow hunters a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

My sons 1st buck

My sons 1st buck Submitted by: akbounds  Avatar Image

This is his second deer with this bow. He shot both of his deer at 40 yards. His name is Sawyer. He is 7 years old.

Mission Blaze Submitted by: easyrider195  Avatar Image

I recently purchased the new Blaze and it will take some getting used to. It seems like there is a 5 to 10 pound increase just before you hit the wall making it less smoother than the Craze to draw. I dropped it 5 pounds from my normal draw weight and it seems a lot smoother. The speed is out of this world. It will take me awhile to get used to this bow but it is well worth it in the long run.

Riot Robin Hood

Riot Robin Hood Submitted by: jtsealy  Avatar Image

Jack’s had his Mission Archery “Riot” for a week; it was an early Christmas present. We’ve been shooting just about every day, continuing to “dial in” his bow in hopes of one day going deer hunting with it. Yesterday, Jack managed a feat that I have yet to accomplish, he shot an arrow into the end of a previously shot arrow. His Papa has several of these “robin hoods” up on the wall. Now Jack has begun his collection. While his shot was a few inches high at 15 yards, his aim/release were consistent, two shots in a row. Purchased …

First Alberta Big Buck with The Mission MXB-360

First Alberta Big Buck with The Mission MXB-360 Submitted by: samhalabi21  Avatar Image

My 2013 Trophy Whitetail Buck.

2nd buck with my craze

2nd Buck With My Craze Submitted by: bowhunter123  Avatar Image

I shot this buck with my Craze and he only went 50 yards!

First Buck Submitted by: trudyjoe  Avatar Image

My First buck. It was a chilly day and it was about 5:45 when he walked in. I knew I was going to shoot. He was a good sized 8 pointer. My bow delivered well for me. My sight was all sighted in and he was only at 7 yards. I love my craze. It fits me well.

First Kill with my new Mxb 360 mission crossbow

First Kill With My New MXB 360 Mission Crossbow Submitted by: rayalbright6335  Avatar Image

To start this story off right I had retired from bow hunting back in 2007 that was the last year I hunted due to 2 complete rotator cuff repairs on both my shoulders. After that I was unable to pull my verticle bow back with it set down on 50lbs! But then I saw this light weight Mission MXB 360 crossbow on display that weighed a mere 6.55 lbs I had already obtained a crossbow permit in 2010 but looked at several other crossbows and they were just to heavy. But at first sight of this bow I had to …

The MXB 360 Makes Dreams Come True

The MXB 360 Makes Dreams Come True Submitted by: samhalabi21  Avatar Image

I just wanted to drop you a note to say what an incredible crossbow you have designed. The MXB-360 performed flawlessly even in Northern Alberta’s bitter cold temperatures. Attached is a photo of the whitetail buck I took on November 16th 2013. Also, a big thank you to Richard Hutniak President and Owner of Trophy Book Archery in Spruce Grove Alberta for recommending it and making me wait until it came in. Sincerely, Sam Halabi Bow Hunter for 30 years

2nd Kill with my MXB360   11 point buck

2nd Kill with my MXB360 11 point buck Submitted by: rayalbright6335  Avatar Image

Thank you Mission Archery for making this product so usable even for someone with major shoulder repairs like I have had. Thanks for making it possible to hunt again and bag this big 11 point buck.. Mission BBD complete!!! Thanks for making my dreams come true!! Ray Albright