Mission Accomplished Field Reports

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First 3-D Shoot Submitted by: wirenut  Avatar Image

My Granddaughter, one of a set of twins that I bought Mission Crazes. First 3D with the bow shot a very respectable 204, only shooting inside the Archery Hut here in Las Cruces. I am totally proud of her.

MXB 320 and my son are ready for turkey season Submitted by: gomountains01  Avatar Image

Today my six year old son and I fired off our MXB 320 @ 30 yards. He fired four bolts just confirm zero and 2 were in the 12 ring. I am so excited that the MXB 320 will allow us to romp through the woods together for our first Turkey season. I will post some pictures of birds if I can call them in close enough.

Mission MXB 320

Mission MXB 320 Submitted by: gomountains01  Avatar Image

I just purchased this Mission MXB 320 to use for hunting with my son. This is day 1 with our new MXB 320 and that is my son’s shot group at 30 yards. I chose the 320 over a rifle because I feel that the MXB 320 will be more versatile. I shoot a Mathews and mostly bow hunt. My son wants to accompany me as much as possible. He is still not physically able to hunt with his bow, but the MXB 320 will allow him to hunt all of deer season, use it for hogs, and use it …

Love my Craze Submitted by: lward1291  Avatar Image

My son bought me the bow as a birthday present last month. It’s the perfect bow to get back into archery hunting after 26 years. Can’t wait to get it in the field with it next fall. Highly recommend this set up.

First hunt with bow

First hunt with bow Submitted by: eukeat  Avatar Image

Bought a Mission Blaze 2014. Train less than 2 weeks, went hunting with it. My friend said to me nearby his house has 4 boar(1 mother, 3 son). Always hanging around my friend house eat my friends tapioca. So I wait there. After 45 minutes of waiting, I saw them. I want to shoot at mama but she went back to the jungle. So I go for the son. Shoot from 20 meters away at the oil palm plantations. Feel very great with the kill, amazing pass through and also very nice bow…

The Hunt Begins

The Hunt Begins Submitted by: oamoutdoors  Avatar Image

The best way to give yourself the best odds to harvest that dream whitetail is to get out there and find out where he lives. In my opinion shed hunting is a way to figure out how whitetail live. Its the best way to find travel corridors, bedding areas, and food sources. I print out google maps and draw places where I find beds, food, and mark trails that lead to and from them. Its just another way I like to prepare for the fall. Plus its a great way to get out of the house and get rid of …

First kill with bow

First Kill With Bow Submitted by: anna06m  Avatar Image

First time hunting with a bow. Took a shot at 20 yards and got her first Javelina at 10 years old.

Purchased My First Bow Submitted by: ajthesing  Avatar Image

I purchased my first bow.  A brand new 2014 Mission Riot, totally fell in love at first draw. I was really sold on the looks, price, and ease of use. The Riot is buttery smooth with very minor vibrations felt. I have since added a few things to kill the vibe.

New Blaze

New Blaze Submitted by: scbryant  Avatar Image

Did not see any deer but love my new Blaze!

Awesome Submitted by: robertrek  Avatar Image

Got a MXB-320 for Christmas from Newbury Archery.  The best archery shop in state. I can’t stop shooting it.