Mission Accomplished Field Reports

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First hunt 2014-15 season

First hunt 2014-15 season Submitted by: crossbow4me  Avatar Image

First hunt of the season 10/11/14 and with my MXB-320 xbow. I was able to harvest a doe at 25 yards from a ground blind around 4:30pm. Mathews 100gr Grim Reaper Razor broadhead. This was all I saw all day in the woods but I was glad to have meat for the freezer. Great confidence building for when that buck shows up later. Interestingly, my trail cam got pics of this going down as the doe walked right in front of it just as I stopped her and shot.

best bow

Best Bow Submitted by: sholt  Avatar Image

I got him at 10 am in the morning with my Ballistic.  He was at 32 yards when i shot him with an Easton aftermath and a 100 grain nap hell razor. I  will always shoot Mission bows. You can’t beat the price and they are one hell of a bow.

First Archery Buck

First Archery Buck Submitted by: smasherhunter127  Avatar Image

I shot this buck in my blind in NEPA with my mission Endeavor. It is my first archery buck. I couldn’t be more pleased! 2014 Mission Complete!

My First Buck And My Trustworthy Mission 360

My First Buck And My Trustworthy Mission 360 Submitted by: jerryangeletti  Avatar Image

I have always loved archery but I have never taken the time and the effort to be really good at it. When I was a kid we had a few acres in the country with a nice, clean brook running through it. I hunted a little, but mostly I remember how much I enjoyed being outdoors. Now, at the age of 60 I am hunting again, but I am also a marksman at 30 and even 40 yards. I use the term marksman because my Mission 360 MXB has helped me to become very confident that I can hit any …

I predict a RIOT

I predict a RIOT Submitted by: smilinggrim  Avatar Image

For the second year in a row the Mission RIOT has produced results!!! Almost a year to the day from my first buck harvest I dropped this Kansas beauty with an awesome pass through (notice my Easton Aftermath 400 with Rage 2-Blade)!!! Thanks again Mission, now on to 2014…can we make it 3 years in a row??!!!!

First Buck

First Buck Submitted by: smilinggrim  Avatar Image

My wife bought me the Mission Riot for a Christmas gift in December 2011. I basically knew nothing about deer hunting; however, with countless hours at the range and presistance in the field I was able to bag my first deer ever and 36 hours later I bagged my first buck!!! Many thanks to Mission for providing an affordable bow with outstanding quality!!!

My biggest buck

My Biggest Buck Submitted by: jitbahadia  Avatar Image

My Mission 320 is the best crossbow I’ve ever used,very accurate and quiet.

My Daughter's first deer with a compound bow Mission Craze

My Daughter’s first deer with a compound bow Mission Craze Submitted by: cram979  Avatar Image

My daughter (15) took her first deer with a Mission Craze at 14 yards.

First Deer Taken. Submitted by: tarendt55  Avatar Image

First deer taken on first my first shot at a deer ever. It was about 7:30 am and I heard a crack behind me. I looked over my left shoulder out of my stand and there he stood as if he just appeared out of thin air. He then walked about another 10 yards and gave me a broadside shot. I smoked him with my Mission Ballistic, he went about 250 yards and went down. Definitely an awesome first experience.

First Compound Bow Buck

First Compound Bow Buck Submitted by: bucky  Avatar Image

This was my first year using a compound bow in hunting season. In the past I have used a crossbow, but this year I was eager to get out with a challenge. It was about a month into the Pennsylvania hunting season. I have had multiple opportunities but they just never worked out until that cool November morning. A nice looking 3 point trotted under my stand around 7:50. I drew back my Mission Riot and waited for the right shot. He stopped 8 yards under my stand. I shot and he ran off. After about waiting 15 minutes, we …