Crossbow Technology
  • X-Cam™ Technology (Patent pending)

    Our unique X-Cam Technology™ is the key to maximizing efficiency in our MXB™ crossbows. Featured on all four models, the X-cam™ stores incredible amounts of energy in a shorter, smoother draw cycle than most other crossbows on the market. Storing and delivering energy efficiently is the key to a fast, compact crossbow.

  • ALRS™ Technology (Patent pending)

    The MXB™ Series features our parallel mounted ALRS™ (Adjustable Limb Retension System) Technology. These limbs are extremely rigid and durable, and can be adjusted with a simple turn of the limb bolts to customize your draw weight. Our ALRS™ Technology also allows you to relax the limbs so that you can easily replace strings and cables without a bow press.

  • WX-Cam Technology

    The all new WX-Cam Technology is specially designed to maximize speed and efficiency on our New MXB®-Dagger™ crossbow. The WX-Cam utilizes perimeter-weight technology that helps reduce vibration and noise while increasing overall performance. On our short powerstroke MXB®-Dagger™, the WX-cam increases the amount of energy that can be stored and delivered on the smallest and lightest frame in the industry.

  • RS Tread™ (Patent pending)

    In order to improve the balance and maneuverability of our crossbows, we removed the unnecessary weight and bulk of a foot-stirrup and added our unique RS (Riser Step) Tread™. When cocking, just place your foot on the RS Tread™ and pull with ease to cock your MXB™ crossbow. Removing the foot stirrup also places the crossbow lower to the ground and further away from your shoulders allowing for an easier draw.

  • PCC Anchor™ (Patent pending)

    Most other crossbow models place the cocking rope behind the trigger mechanism. By positioning our PCC (Positive Cocking Control) Anchor™ under the rail, we eliminate the possibility of binding or string hook jump due to the bowstring rising off the rail in the process of cocking. The PCC Anchor™ allows for a smoother trouble-free draw every time.

  • BIAS Rail™

    One of the most performance-enhancing features of our MXB™ crossbows is the unique BIAS (Bridged Integrated Accuracy Support) Rail™. The rail is as crucial to the accuracy of a crossbow as the barrel is to a rifle. Our BIAS Rail™ is machined and includes a bridge that runs along its centerline to provide the rigidity needed for ultimate accuracy.

  • Integrated Scope Mount

    At the heart of our MXB™ crossbows is the integrated BIAS Rail™, trigger, and scope mount system. This all-in-one system maintains positive scope to rail alignment for unparalleled accuracy and durability in all elements. Our rigid shooting platform will prove consistent arrow grouping in any situation you find yourself in!

  • Crossbow Accessories

    Check out all of the crossbow accessories available for our crossbows including custom packages for beginners to pro, cocking devices, cases & slings, bolts & bolt accessories, quivers & quiver accessories.

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  • Warranty

    When you register your Mission bow, you will receive the best warranty service in the archery industry. If you should ever experience an issue with your bow, just take it to an authorized Mission retailer.

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  • Where To Buy

    If you are interested in becoming the proud owner of a new Mission bow you can find the closest authorized Mission retailer nearest you to help answer all of your questions and help get you started with your mission.

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