• Im so pumped for season to start!!!! can’t wait to do some damage with my riot!!!

  • anyone been seeing any nice bucks lately? Half the fun of hunting is preparing for the next season!!!

  • Alrigh who’s knock down a bird with their Mission??? So far On a Mission Outdoors has knocked down 2 and had some real close calls

  • Birds are strutting and things are starting to green up!!!! Who is ready for some bird hunting?

  • Check out this Monster i found shed hunting down in Illinois!!!

  • What a beautiful day…i got spring fever!!!!

  • I swear this is the weirdest winter ever…cold and snowy the next day warm and sunny the next…I think this will be good for the deer should make food abundant and should have a healthy herd this summer

  • NEW On A Mission Outdoors Short coming to the video gallery soon!!!

  • Zachary Kranich posted an update 5 years ago

    Whats everyone shooting? I personally have shot the Venture and Riot and love both of them!

  • Zachary Kranich posted an update 5 years ago

    We want to know what everyone thinks of our videos? Make sure to check out the Video Gallery where we have a couple short films and let us know what you think
    – On A Mission Outdoors

  • Zachary Kranich posted an update 5 years ago

    Is it turkey season yet? its warm, moisture in the air, birds are chirping sure does feel like spring but its only Jan. 9…I guess my riot and I will have to wait

  • Zachary Kranich posted an update 5 years ago

    Anyone have any big plans for the offseason?

    • I am toying with the idea of making a video using traditional archery equipment. You don’t see that very often. Step one: learn how to shoot a recurve bow. This will be a short video i’m sure. If that doesn’t work out i will try to update my profile. Picture and all. After that i will start to plan 2012 season with my son.

    • Loved to see that dc. . recurves are tough and take a ton of pratice but what bow dosn’t take a lot of practice…

    • That has been a big goal for me as well dc! kill on camera from the ground with a traditional bow! To me that would be an outstanding accomplishment! It would show a combination of not only your skill as an archer but more importantly your skill as a hunter! Good luck, i cant wait to see it!

  • Zachary Kranich posted an update 5 years ago

    Finished another short film about us setting up our Mission Bows at our pro shop Country Woods Archery…Be on the look out for the new video in the Video Gallery soon!!!!
    -On A Mission Outdoors

  • Zachary Kranich posted an update 5 years ago

    Merry Christmas to my Mission Family!!!

  • Still trying to get a deer down with my RIOT…this time of year is tough anyone else been having much luck?

    • Heading out tomorrow. Just put cameras out last week and have some nice bucks and does heading to food. This is a new spot for me so we will see. Stay on the food and they will come. I’ll let you know how it goes after i get in tomorrow night.

      • Good luck let me know!

        • What a night. No deer but man did i see them. I had a 6pt come by before i could get all the way up the tree. In two hours i had seen 9 doe 3 turkeys countless squirells and that buck. Did i mention this is public ground. So many people overlook public ground. I am so GLAD

    • maybe you should come to Missouri and film and hunt. You are always welcome

  • Finally its starting to get cold!!! Hopefully i can let the Riot speak to a big doe this weekend!!!

  • Its been really slow here in Michigan but now that the gun season is over hopefully it will pick up again…what state are you hunting??

    • I’m hunting in France and, here, guns and bows are used to practice together on the same territories (Beat and use of foxhound is very regular!)
      French hunting culture (As spanish one!) is different from US hunting culture. Bowhunt is young in France but our hunts possibilities are increasing year after year.
      We practice stalk and tree stand on…[Read more]

      • thats awesome thanks for sharing that we me as well as the rest of us!!! Good to see that Mission in other countries and not just the U.S.

        • It is always a big pleasure to use the perfect weapon.
          MISSION X3 bow goes to me marvelously and it is fabulous one companion of hunting in plain as in mountain.
          Many French people swear only by MISSION bows .
          Here is the link of the blog of my local bowhunters association:http://www.acafc.net/

    • Western Missouri and eastern Kansas. I grew up in west Branch Michigan many years ago.

      • thats cool we (On A Mission Outdoors) are from Clinton County

        • south carolina zach.its been looked over by so many hunters that we are growing alot of 150 class whitetails.we manage are land very well.its been a lil slow the last wekk but its going to pick back up again.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from On A Mission Outdoors

  • On a Mission Outdoors will be posting a new video soon…I think women Mission shooters will like this video!!!!

    • Don’t keep us in suspence Zach. When will it be out? The only thing i love more than women is, women that bow hunt. 17 years with the same hunting partner.

  • lots of states are close or have started their guns seasons…who is still going out with their Missions?

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