Parallel Limb Design

Parallel Limb Design is a tried and true technology that enhances the bow in both form and function. When limbs are parallel, the vibration and recoil generated by each are canceled out, creating a smoother, quieter shot.

Perimeter Weighted Cam

Single cam technology is a fundamental system found on premiere Mathews and Mission bows, and drastically reduces timing issues, recoil and noise, while enhancing over-all performance and accuracy.

Dual Cam Perimeter Weighted

The Mission 2CPW (Dual Cam Perimeter Weighted) system was designed for new archers that need the flexibility of a modular cam system. The two oversized cams include our patented perimeter weights and an ultra-wide range of adjustability in both draw weight and draw length. The no-press-needed adjustability and amazing performance make a huge difference between this system and any other entry level cam systems.

Adjustable Module

The adjustable modules incorporated into certain Mission cams allow you to adjust the draw length and weight range of the bow without a bow press. The minimum and maximum draw-to-weight ratios vary by model. Click here or refer to your Owner’s Manual for specifics. Any Mission bow with an adjustable module is a great option for archers that may still be growing.

Harmonic Stabilizer

The Harmonic Stabilizer is an exciting new Mathews innovation featured on Mission bows.  The Harmonic Stabilizer is purposely tuned to be out of phase with longer riser bows, such as the Voyager, and can dampen more than 75% of residual vibration. While the Harmonic stabilizer comes standard on the Voyager, it can also be purchased as an accessory and placed in the bottom hole on the Eliminator II riser for optimum performance.

String Suppressors

String Suppressors are another residual energy absorbing mechanism that serves two purposes, to reduce bow hand shock and to simultaneously significantly reduce bow string vibration and noise.  Mathews’ persistence in our efforts to reduce noise, vibration and bow hand shock has led the industry to follow suit.

String Grubb

String Grubbs help increase speed and efficiency by reducing string vibration. This small innovation is an important component in optimizing performance.


These small rubber string accessories live up to their name by decreasing post-release vibration and noise. They can be found on either the bowstring or cable.

Walnut Grip

This classic wood grip is made of black walnut and is ergonomically superior to other grips on the market. To personalize your bow, you can purchase a custom engraved grip from your local authorized Mission retailer.

Dead End String Stop

This string suppressing device cushions the bowstring to virtually eliminate post-release sound and vibration. It comes standard on some Mission bows, and is easy to install on any bow with a rear stabilizer attachment hole.

Opti-Mod Cam System

The patent-pending Opti-Mod Cam System allows you to convert a 70lb. bow to a 60lb. bow by simply changing the top and bottom mods, as opposed to changing limbs. Now you will maintain ultimate performance and draw length adjustability from 22-30 inches in half inch increments. This innovative new system is featured on the Mission Rally.

The AVS Cam System™

The AVS Cam System™ allows for draw length adjustment from 26”-30” including half sizes without using a bow press. Draw length can be simply changed by inserting mods with desired draw length on each cam. This proven system offers outstanding performance and a wide range of adjustability. This technology is featured on the Ballistic™.