Kicking Bear

Kicking Bear is a non-profit youth ministry run by the renowned bowhunter, Ray Howell,who’s committed to impacting the lives of children by introducing them to God’s great outdoors. They use skills like archery to build confidence and help kids realize the power of setting and achieving goals.

Our highly adjustable bows like the Menace and the Craze fit the needs of this program perfectly, because they are easy for kids to handle and for the coaches to adjust on the fly.

All Kicking Bear events and camps are 100% free to kids and their parents. Attendees can try out archery bows and shoot at targets or even flying objects and balloons. Outdoor professionals are in attendance to answer questions and give advice. You can also participate in one of the many other activities such as tomahawk throwing, tug of war, a drawing contest, learn how to cast a fishing pole, learn about different animal pelts and other outdoor related activities. Find an event near you to see what Kicking Bear is all about.

Up Coming Events

August 17 New Kicking Bear Camp Jasonville, IN
August 23 & 24 New Kicking Bear Camp Brighton, MI

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