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Xtend Your Season With An Xbow Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

Xtend Your Season With An Xbow By Robert Chester Life is all about choices and the more the better right? It wasn’t very long ago when deer hunters had only three choices in equipment: gun, bow or muzzleloader. Thankfully times are changing and hunters have another widely accepted tool at their disposal—crossbows and they are …


Crossbow Hunting: Increased Opportunities for Younger Archers Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

By Brodie Swisher Love them or hate them, crossbows are here to stay. They have finally carved out a stable spot in the archery world, and growth in the crossbow market continues to explode. I’ll be quick to point out that I’ve never been a “crossbow guy.” I grew up in Tennessee where crossbow hunting …


Hunter For Life Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

By Steve Flores What do you do when you’ve been bowhunting for over 70 years and you’re suddenly faced with the thought that perhaps you can no longer participate in the sport you love? What happens when physical limitations threaten your ability to go afield and pursue whitetails; arguably the most popular big-game animal on the …


2013 Summer Shootout Winner Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

Congratulations to our 2013 Summer Shootout Winner, Steve Guidry, from Crowley, Louisiana! Steve received his winning promo code from Lafayette Shooters in Lafayette, Louisiana. He will be hunting whitetail with Dave Watson on Mathews TV! Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned to the Mission website and Facebook page for future sweepstakes.     …


MAKE THAT A 3-PEAT! Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

2013 Ballistic makes Mission three-time “Great Buy” award champion Every year Outdoor Life conducts their annual bow test to determine the best among bow manufacturers’ annual offerings. It is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded bow tests in the industry, with manufacturer’s competing for one of two highly sought after titles: “Editor’s Choice” and …


Overcoming Obstacles Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

BY TRACY BREEN Archery is one sport that almost anyone can participate in.  That’s one of the things that makes archery so special.  It doesn’t matter if someone is tall, short, heavy, thin, fast, slow, disabled, or a first class athlete. Chances are with a little hard work and determination, anyone can be a first …


MXB-360 Bow Report From Inside Archery Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

By Jace Bauserman / Inside Archery  January 2013 As bowhunters age, many find themselves increasingly uncomfortable drawing back a hunting bow. Conversely, youth just joining the bowhunting ranks may not be quite strong enough to reliably pull the necessary weight to hunt. And finally, many gun hunters are curious about bowhunting, but may not be …


Bowfishing: The Other Archery Season Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

By Bryan Hughes – Ironman Bowfishing TV Just because deer season is over, doesn’t mean it’s time to put the bows up!  If you haven’t tried bowfishing, there’s never been a better time!  Bowfishing is the latest rage in archery and growing fast across the country.  Bowfishing is basically the bowhunting of fish; you get …


Youth Find First Hunting Success Thanks to Kicking Bear and the MXB-360 Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

Last month, Mission Director of Sales and Marketing, Jon DuMars, and founder of the Kicking Bear Foundation, Ray Howell, traveled to Eagleville, Missouri along with six other mentors and nine kids for a youth crossbow hunt. They spent their Kicking Bear adventure weekend hunting whitetail deer with the Mission MXB-360 on private property located on Pawnee Ridge …


MISSION MXB-360: Matt McPherson Talks Crossbow Design Submitted by: Becky  Avatar Image

Ever wonder what prompted Mission to go into the crossbow business, or what makes our MXB-360 different from other crossbows on the market? Get the full scoop in this in-depth interview, where Archery Business got all the answers straight from Matt McPherson, Owner & CEO of Mission Archery and Mathews, Inc. Read full article here.