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The Bowfishing Craze Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

By Brodie Swisher It didn’t happen overnight, but it was nearly just as quick. The outdoor industry has witnessed the explosion of the sport of bowfishing into one of the quickest growing archery addictions across the country. Sure, people have been bowfishing for decades but in recent years bowfishing has experienced tremendous growth from a …


Becoming a Bowhunter Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

by Hunting Life’s Marjorie Moss The Value of a Lesson My Mission Flare  is now ready. I’m starting to become familiar with all the parts of my bow and now it is time to learn how my bow works with me. Clearly, I need lessons. Let me begin by saying that this step – lessons …

Some children will not enjoy using a peep- sight during the initial stages of learning to shoot a bow, and that’s OK. A simple kisser button will ensure that young shooters remain accurate and consistent until the time is right to re-introduce the peep-sight.

Little Partners: A 3 Step Approach for Getting Your Kids Into Archery Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

BY DEER & DEER HUNTING’S STEVE FLORES As an avid bow-hunter and a father, there is a burning desire inside me to pass along my passion for archery and the outdoors to my children. As much as any parent, I want them to be successful, not only in life but behind the bowstring as well. …


ARMED FOR SUCCESS: THE WORLD’S 7 BEST CROSSBOW-HUNTING TIPS Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

BY BOB HUMPHREY You don’t take your sport lightly. You provide quality care for your crossbow that rivals the love you show your car. Your desire to improve each time outrivals the desire that Michael Jordan had when he showed game in and game out during his illustrious NBA career. To make sure you’re locked …


Adjustable Bows Are Not Toys, and Can Give Bowhunters An Edge Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

By Hunter’s Handbook, Contributing Writer Bob Robb No matter where I travel to bow hunt, both men and women of all ages are fascinated with my bows. They want to look at them, feel them, pick them up, and then, inevitably, they want to try and pull the string back. When I let them try, …

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Live Targets Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

By Brodie Swisher Few things can prepare a bowhunter for the arrival of hunting season like shooting live targets in the off-season. And I honestly can’t think of a better place to partake of the seemingly endless bounty of live targets than Texas. Between small game, hogs, and a long list of other critters that …


Before You Pull The Trigger Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

6 Things Every Crossbow Buyer Should Know And you thought your days of homework were long gone. If you want to make an intelligent purchase on a new crossbow so you’ll have years of shooting pleasure, follow these practical guidelines to help you reach a decision so you won’t be sorry once you take to …


To Crank, or Not To Crank Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

By Crossbow Nation’s Jeff Becka To crank or not to crank? That is the question. And for some it may be a necessity when it comes to cocking your crossbow. It used to be that to cock your crossbow, the only option was to lean over it, grab the string with two hands, and then hopefully …

Steve Williamson_shoooting

Steve Williamson Piling Up Archery Records Submitted by: Mission Archery  Profile Photo

By Bernie Barringer Steve Williamson of Augusta, Georgia had no idea what a twist of fate would mean to him when he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Steve had been competing in target archery for three decades, mostly with a Mathews bow. In fact, he switched to a Mathews when they first …

Extend your season with a crossbow

Xtend Your Season With An Xbow Submitted by: Becky  Profile Photo

Xtend Your Season With An Xbow By Robert Chester Life is all about choices and the more the better right? It wasn’t very long ago when deer hunters had only three choices in equipment: gun, bow or muzzleloader. Thankfully times are changing and hunters have another widely accepted tool at their disposal—crossbows and they are …