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These Headhunters are as different as any three individuals you’ll ever meet, with one very important exception…they are all on a mission to create an exciting new hunting show and unveil to America exactly what goes into making it happen. Often times muddy and unshaven, necks red from the work they perform under a scorching sun, faces burnt from western winds, hands raw from piercing cold, the Headhunters team is a hard-working bunch of passionate hunters. Mission is proud to have these men shooting our bows and representing our company.

Tune in to HeadhuntersTV on the Outdoor Channel, Sundays at 4p Eastern and connect with them here to get insider information on what the crew is up to and what’s next on the horizon.


Randy Birdsong

Young, driven, talented. All words used to describe Birdsong and his desire to produce the best outdoor television available to viewers. As skilled behind the camera as he is in front of it, Randy Birdsong wakes up each day thinking about how to best tell the American Hunter’s story. A Missouri native who now makes his home in Illinois, Birdsong is best known for his award-winning work on one of the countries most popular ourdoor shows, Whitetail Freaks. But Birdsong’s passion for hunting goes much deeper than just pursuing monster whitetails. He’s an avid waterfowl, elk, mule deer and turkey hunter who’s thousand watt smile lets everyone around him know that he’s here for good fellowship as well as good hunting.

Troy Ruiz

Perhaps no name in outdoor television hold the air of respect that Troy Ruiz’ does. For almost 20 years Troy has made his living producing outdoor video and television. From his early days with Preston Pittman Calls, to his production work on TNN’s Remington Country, Hunting the Country, and the Primos Truth Series, Ruiz is and always has been one of the most talented producers in our business. However, when Troy reached Primo Hunting Calls, it became aparent that not only was he talented behind the camera, but he quickly built a large following of fans who enjoyed his Southern-Louisaina humor while in front of the camera as well.

Nate Hosie

Nate Hosie was born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the town of Montdale. At six, Nat’s father and grandfather began taking him on pheasant hunts and it didn’t take them long to realize they had created a monster. As years passed his passion and knowledge for hunting grew. He began to hunt with two neighbors, country certified experts on hunting turkeys, deer, grouse and anything else that moved. Nate took an overwhelming interest in turkey hunting and took his calling and hunting tactics to the next level. Practicing yelping on a daily basis, he won several calling contests, earning the nickname “The Turkey Slayer”. After a few years with Top Calls, a legendary call company, he began doing production and field staffing for Hunters Specialties, meeting Randy Birdsong. Nate jumped at the opportunity to be a part of HeadHunters TV, and is excited to show the viewers that there still are people in this world who appreciate memories made in God’s country.


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