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At just 30 inches, the MXB®-Dagger™ can go with you anywhere. With a power-stroke of just 10” and a physical weight of only 6.3 lbs, the MXB®-Dagger™ is the lightest, most compact Mission® crossbow to date. Powered by the all-new perimeter-weighted WX-Cams™, this crossbow is truly a silent and nimble killer. The MXB®-Dagger™ comes assembled in a Mission® soft-case. Complete your set up with one of our accessory kits below and check our complete line of crossbow accessories to enhance your Mission® experience. Click the “Find a Retailer” button below to find your local Mission® Retailer.

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Color Options

Complete Your Crossbow Setup

XB Beginner

Hawke 4x32
(Wire reticle non illuminated)

XB Basic

Hawke 3x32 MAP
(Wire reticle non illuminated)

XB Hunter

Hawke 1x32 SR
(Etched reticle illuminated)

XB Pro

Hawke XB-1, 1.5-5x32
(Etched reticle, variable speed (275-425 fps), 2-color illumination)


  • Speed up to 340 fps
  • Physical Weight 6.3 lbs
  • Width 19.5"
  • Length 30"
  • Powerstroke 10"
  • Draw Weight 220 / 200 / 150 / 125
  • Finish Lost AT™
  • Bowstrings Zebra™ Hybrid
  • MSRP $799 (CAMO - crossbow only) $899 (Tactical - crossbow only)

* All specifications are approximate.

** Without accessories.

  • 220 lbs 0 turns out
  • Speed up to 340 fps
  • 200 lbs 2 turns out
  • Speed 315 fps
  • 150 lbs 6 turns out
  • Speed 273 fps
  • 125 lbs 9 turns out
  • Speed 243 fps

* Crossbows are draw weight adjustable from 160 to 100 lbs. When you make adjustments to the draw weight by turning the limb bolts, the speed will decrease to the approximate rates above.

** Speed with 400 grain arrow

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rsd system™ Available for all MXB® Crossbows

RSD System™ The new mechanical cocking aid, the RSD (Removable Silent Draw) system™, will enhance the use of all our MXB® crossbows. The patent pending RSD™ fits all Mission MXB® Crossbows and can be installed or removed in a matter of a few seconds. In addition to being completely silent, the RSD™ improves accuracy through the use of a floating rope-pull that ensures equal tension is applied to each side of the bowstring during the draw. The RSD System™ is outfitted with a removable, ambidextrous handle that when engaged will reduce the operator’s effort by twenty five times. The RSD System™ makes it possible for virtually anyone to draw a crossbow in complete silence.