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  • I am having trouble obtaining the speeds that are listed for IBO. What could cause this?

    IBO speed ratings are based on a 70-pound draw weight, 30-inch draw length and an arrow that weighs 350 grains. Any deviation from that will cause you to lose speed. This includes shortening draw length, reducing draw weight, adding items on the bowstring, and increasing arrow weight.

  • What type of bow press should I use with my Mission bow?

    A dual-roller type works the best. Stay away from center pull presses. It may damage your riser.

  • How do I get center shot on my Mission bow? Do I use a center-shot tool?

    We recommend measuring off the side of the riser at the attachment hole to the center of the arrow shaft approximately 13/16 of an inch. Adjust the rest as needed for proper arrow flight. A center-shot tool is not needed.

  • Does Mission make left-handed bows in all their models?

    Yes, all of our bow models are available in left or right hand models.

  • Does a Mathews grip fit a Mission bow?

    No it does not fit. The over all design is different in shape and length.

  • Is there a wood grip I can get to replace the rubber one on my bow?

    Wood grips are not available for Mission bows.

  • Do I have to have the dealer I bought my bow from do all the work/ warranty work on my bow?

    No you can have your work/warranty work done by any authorized Mission dealer.

  • Will other limbs and cams from different bow models fit my bow?

    Each bow has different cams and limbs, it is best to let your authorized dealer determine what parts you may need.

  • My bow isn’t shooting as fast as the advertised speed?

    Mission advertises an IBO speed rating, which is conducted at 30 inches of draw at 70 pounds and a 350 grain arrow.  If your bow has a shorter draw length, lower limb weights, or a heaver arrow, your bow will not perform to advertised speeds.  Additionally, if your bow is not set to factory specifications, or if you have things attached to your sting like a peep sight, kisser button, string silencers or string loop, you are further reducing the speed of your bow.   To ensure your bow is operating at peak performance, please refer to an Authorized Mission Retailer for help.

  • If I buy a “used bow” does it have a lifetime warranty?

    No, the warranty is for the original owner/purchaser only.

  • How do I get on your ProStaff?

    Mission does not have a Factory-sponsored shooting staff at this time. We do assist our retailers in setting up “shop-shooters” to help promote our bows on a local level. Please contact your local retailer if this is something you may be interested in.

  • How often do I wax my bow string?

    We recommend that you wax your string every 500 shots. Also anytime you are in inclement weather you should apply some so the fibers do not dry out. We recommend using our Zebra wax which is designed for our string material.

  • What type of arrow should I use with my bow?

    Go to one of the arrow charts that an arrow company has. Select your length and the weight you are going to be shooting. This should give you the correct arrow spine needed for your setup.

  • How do I know when to replace my string?

    If you notice that your string has broken or severely frayed strands, you should immediately replace both your string and cables. String life expectancy depends on the volume of shooting and the care of the string. We recommend waxing your string and cables with Zebra Brand High-Performance String Wax to increase the longevity of your string.

  • How do I adjust the draw weight of my bow?

    Draw weight adjustments can be made by turning the limb bolt counter-clockwise using a 7/32″ Allen wrench (except for Menace®, which requires a 3/16″ Allen wrench). It is important to adjust both limb bolts in equal amounts. Do not exceed the recommended turns out from the maximum draw weight. See adjustability charts for each bow model for details.

  • Where is the serial number on my bow?

    The serial number on all Mission vertical bows can be found on the back shelf of the bow above the grip. It is engraved into the riser of the bow.

  • How do I register my bow?

    The retailer you purchased your bow from may have registered your bow for you. However, you can register your bow by filling out the form here.

    Your Mission® bow is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship to the original registered owner when purchased at an authorized retailer, for the life of the original owner. This includes all bow parts except the string, buss cables, cable slide, rubber string suppressors, monkey tails, string grub and cosmetic appearance ( chips, dings, scratches) caused by normal use and wear. All warranty claims are processed through an authorized Mission® Retailer. Your authorized Mission® Retailer will contact a Mission® Warranty Technician on your behalf. Any and all warranties, written or implied, are void with any alterations to the bow including cosmetic refinishing.

Thank You Mission for making a great bow!

Aaron Volk